We are pleased to present an overview of human resources-related services offered by John B. Kuhn and Associates.  Feel free to contact us with questions or to obtain additional information about each service.  Our associates specialize in providing the most up-to-date human resources expertise available.   

We assist companies with confirming the overall compensation strategy and pricing of each position in the organization.  With this we work with already written position descriptions, or we develop specialized position descriptions for each unique position in the organization.  We provide an objective position evaluation system covering each position, and implement a quantifiable weight point-factor system.  As a result, compensation grades and ranges are developed based upon the relative dynamics of each position with sensitivity to the marketplace and competitive pricing structures.

Many times employees are not aware of the requirements of a position nor are they sure what performance objectives are necessary for evaluation purposes.  We offer a performance evaluation system which includes an Introductory Performance Appraisal, a Management/ Professional and a Staff or Non-Exempt weighted performance measurement system, an Action Planning guide and a Salary Planning Matrix factoring quality of performance with specific position in the salary range.  With these tools, a company has a mechanism for assuring consistency in appraisals throughout the organization.  As a part of this service, we provide a sample instruction manual for supervisors and offer training sessions explaining the system and reviewing other employee relations issues.

The Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP) requires that government contractors and subcontractors with 50 employees or more develop and maintain an Affirmative Action Program.  This is an important requirement of the Department of Labor that must not be overlooked.  We are available to assist companies with the development and maintenance of an annual statistical analysis which is required for this plan.  In addition, we will supply the required narrative and other various reports necessary to meet these requirements on an on-going basis.

We are available to conduct a thorough review of current human resources policies and practices of a company, which in some cases could be considered an audit.  In this review we will analyze areas of human resources such as:  employment and hiring, benefits administration, records and retention, communications, compliance (including FLSA compliance), payroll, salary administration guidelines, and other important areas of a human resources function.  Upon completion of the analysis, a written report will be submitted to management with our findings and any necessary recommendations.

In today's job market, quality employees are difficult to identify and locate.  We offer our clients assistance with advertising, recruiting, screening, placement and reference and background checking.  We will generally act as an agent for our client and will perform as much of the legwork as is necessary to refer qualified, quality candidates for selection by the client.

Many times companies have the need to provide incentives to their management team.  Our firm will draft and subsequently put into final form a document that will detail the provisions of an annual cash incentive plan and the circumstances controlling its administration.  The plan is generally performance driven, flexible, easily administered and understood, shareholder responsive, integrated with the salary administration program, and sensitive to external market conditions.  A plan of this nature will also aid in the recruitment and retention of quality employees.  We will provide a plan document, performance measurement formats and pro-forma examples of how the plan will operate and how costs will be estimated.

The U.S. Supreme Court recently held that adopting and implementing anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies can provide a legal defense against punitive damages in lawsuits brought against employers under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act.  We encourage employers to adopt a strong anti-discrimination and non-retaliation harassment policy, disseminate the policy periodically, conduct training periodically, enforce the policy promptly and consistently and document each of the foregoing.  We are available to assist employers with the development of policies, the implementation of the policies and training of supervisors, employees and managers.

Our firm has had a great deal of experience creating and editing employee communications.  It is important that consistent employee information is disseminated throughout organizations.  With the consolidation and editing of current human resource policies and procedures, consistency is encouraged and employee understanding and satisfaction is enhanced.  It is very important that all individuals involved in a corporation have a complete understanding of human resource issues, policies and procedures.  As is true in many organizations, human resource systems have been adapted from those of other companies and may or may not be complete or appropriate for the current environment.  In addition, these systems need periodic review and updating.  Typically, the need for a review of practical policy definition is necessary.  We have found that the review of current policies for accuracy, legality and consistency is often necessary.  Upon review we will provide you with suggestions for changes, updates and enhancements when appropriate.  In addition, we will consolidate the current policy and procedures communications and create a publication that will be concise and easily understood.